‘I had received a lot of complaints about the noise made by my garage door opener from the neighbors. I went to Auburn Garage Door Repair to find out my options. Guess what, after the new opener they installed, I have never had another complaint from my neighbors again!’ – Fred Gainers

‘Auburn Garage Door Repair helped me so much I don’t know how else to thank them but by writing this letter.’ –  Erica Miles

‘A new door for our new house, Auburn Garage Door Repair really knows how to make a house a home!’ – Yolanda Baker

‘Dreams do come true. I have always wanted a house by a cul-de-sac with a beautiful wooden door, and Auburn Garage Door has made that dream come true.’ – Miranda Hopkins

‘It has taken us quite some time to finally get round to changing our garage door and now that we have, it really looks fantastic!’ – Luke and Miriam Garber

’Sadly dad never got to see the new garage door installed. He always wanted a steel garage door. I wanted to do something special so I had a massive plaque with his name placed on the new garage door. I arranged it with the Auburn Garage Door Repair agents on my new up and over door. It looks so cool. Dad would have been happy.’ – Jim Crew

‘Lately our garage door was letting in the draught and it’s not the best feeling especially in winter! It got so bad that our energy bill came so high because we lived with the heating on permanently inside the house until we finally decided to get the door replaced completely. Now the door closes shut and thankfully too. Our energy bill has gone back to its normal monthly charges!’- Bianca Cop

‘I don’t know about others but I always dreamed of a white picket fenced house complete with its own backyard for the kids to play in. My husband and I are newly married and well, just bought our first house….which isn’t much of a home yet. We have been working so hard to make it into a home. When we first moved in, the garage door was broken and it has taken us till now to get it fixed. I never thought that old door would work but after Auburn Garage Door Repair finished with it, the door looks and runs just like anyone else’s door!’ – Charlotte Pickering

‘I have been nagging my husband about the garage door for years now. Finally he had enough and called the Auburn Garage Door Repair to come on over and fix the door. After they were done with the door, you will never believe who keeps mentioning how good the door looks – my husband!’ – Getty Booker

‘I tried reading up on garage door springs when my springs broke, but realized I just didn’t have the time, so I called around and finally came across Auburn Garage Door Repair, they came on over and did such a great job.’ – Nathan M

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